Data is among the most valuable assets for a company.

Guida&Associates takes care about your data by helping you to be compliant with ever-changing data protection, privacy and information security laws.

We work in particular with big data, internet of things, robotics, videogames and we draft policies for companies and public bodies.

We solve transnational issues regarding e.g. GDPR and privacy compliance, CCPA, electronic communications laws and B2B marketing.

Thanks to our network of IT professionals, we help you with cybersecurity by implementing appropriate measures to protect your data and preventing data breaches.

We collaborate with computer forensics and digital investigations in order to manage cases such as in industrial espionage, dishonest employees and closed circuit televisions (CCTV).

By choosing Guida&Associates, you are also choosing lawyers who ensure the compliance of Italian Ministers privacy policies and are involved in University research projects in the field of law and Artificial Intelligence.