Guida&Associates has special relationships and feeling with startups.

We help entrepreneurs to make their ideas become real by taking off the stress deriving from legal issues or from finding the right legal instrument. This allows the team to concentrate all their energies on the business development.

Our support may include assistance with:

  • pre-incorporation issues (i.e. choice of the incorporation country in consideration of the company’s product and service);
  • Incorporating documentation and agreements (articles of incorporation, bylaws, shareholders and stock restriction agreements);
  • Funding phase: funding strategy and compliance with securities laws where needed (this include advice on seeds/series rounds and relevant investors’ agreements);
  • Company’s core-business activities: general legal counselling on how to minimize the legal risks and drafting of the necessary commercial/IT agreements, Letter of Intents, Memorandum of Understandings, Non-Disclosure Agreements, etc.

From scratch to solid business

Each business stage require different bespoke services.

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