Guida Law Firm opened its offices in 1976 with its two founder partners: Avv. Antonio Guida e Avv. Giuseppina Cennamo, both graduated in law from University of Naples "Federico II".

After an initial period in which the activities were mainly orientated to labour law, Guida Law Firm specialized in the fields of commercial, administrative, penal-administrative, labour and family laws.

In particular, Avv. Antonio Guida has been providing legal consultancy for numerous Public Administrations, while Avv. Giuseppina Cennamo is specialized in family and child law. Both of them have extensive experience and are well-renowned among the most representative lawyers in their relevant fields of law.

Numerous are the lawyers that have cooperated and cooperates with Guida Law Firm. In 2009 Avv. Gianluigi Guida also joined the law firm. After he graduated from the University of Bologna, Law School, he was awarded with two LL.M. in Information Technology and Law from the Stockholm University in Sweden and in Global Business Law from the University of Washington.

Thanks to its network of professionals and contacts, Guida Law Firm is able provide assistance through all the Italian territory and abroad.

The team pf attorneys at Guida Law Firm includes also Avv. Nicla Neri, Avv. Michela Farina, Dott. Roberta D’Aston and Dr. Gian Marco Iulietto.